Frequently Asked Questions


The following is a guide to help you better use our system. If you have any querstions at all, we provide a CONTACT link at the bottom of every page on this site.

How do I upload a Gallery?

Our system allows you to upload multiple picture files simulatenously to create a picture gallery. After clicking the FILE button on our uploader form, perform one of the following, depedning on whether you use a MAC or Windows.

  • With Windows, you click the FILE button on the upload form and then hold your CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking on the images you weant to upload.
  • With a MAC OS (such as OSX), you use SHIFT+Click or Click+DRAG.

Should I watermark my Content?
Absolutely. When placing anything online, it can get scraped by bots and others and used for whatever purpose they want. It is always a good idea to overlay a copyright notice into any original content you produce. One certain way to make sure a copyright notice doesn't get removed is to include the notice IN your video. For example, place a logo in your video, or even a piece of paper stating the ownership. Some people even wear a t-shirt with their logo on it if they appear in the video.